Welcome and thank you for visiting! We appreciate your interest in learning more about HALO Food Connect. In short, we are an import solutions service provider for the U.S. food market based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

    Our primary focus is to provide consulting, strategic sales, and importing solutions to international food suppliers interested in launching or expanding their business in the U.S.

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    Your partner for market entry and expansion into the U.S. food market

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We provide consulting services and offer full strategic sales solutions to international food producers who are interested in starting or expanding their business in the U.S. food market.

Market Analysis

Success in any new market relies on three critical factors: great products, a well planned strategy, and successful sales execution. We work in partnership with our supply partners to develop a plan for success in all three critical areas.

Brand Management

Trusting someone to manage your brand is an important decision which cannot be taken lightly. Proper brand management requires careful coordination and communication to ensure proper positioning in the market. We prefer to work in partnership with our suppliers which allows us to learn all we need to know to effectively communicate the brand to the market.

Private Label Solutions

Private label continues to grow in the U.S. and we understand the unique challenges associated with rolling out a private label program. As with brand management, ensuring the right products are brought to the right retailer at the right price is of paramount importance.

Importing & Supply Chain Management

Once products are ready for shipping, we handle all of the intermediary steps to get the product from the production facility to the end customer. Together with a network of vetted logistics providers our focus is on efficiency, cost savings, and ensuring product safety.

Who We Are

We founded HALO Food Connect with the vision of bringing high quality European food products to the United States. We commit ourselves to operating with honesty and integrity with all of our trading partners while working towards the common goal of offering high quality, innovative items at a reasonable price.

Partner Network

We have assembled a network of trusted partners who can provide service and solutions to meet any need which might arise.

Some Facts & Stats

The U.S. food market is a diverse landscape with many opportunities for innovative products from around the world. With market size there is opportunity, but without understanding and a solid strategy it is easy for products to get lost in the abyss. Prior to entering the market, we work with our partners to help them gain understanding and inform themselves prior to launch.


Interested in finding our more? We encourage you to give us a call or drop us an email. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.
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